The beauty and effectiveness of aaram is in honoring our ancestral rituals and being authentic. We uphold ancient Ayurvedic science by incorporating ingredients of the highest quality in their natural form. We refrain from formulating ingredients to alter their chemical composition and respect the ingredient's natural aromas, textures and appearance. We assure you that you will love these blends passed down by our grandmothers and mothers and the positive benefits will be your personal testimonial. 


Make aaram a part of your hair care ritual to achieve your most lustrous, voluminous, and healthy hair from root to tip. Believe in aaram. Believe in you.


Aaram & Karma 

[Rest & Action]

A rested life is a purposeful life 

Isn't everyone actually in the pursuit of aaram which means rest in Hindi? Rest in the form of sleep, in the form of time with loved ones, in the form of creative expression, in the form of PLAY. This state of rest has a direct impact on our Karma i.e., our actions, whether physical or mental, as an individual or a group, and the consequence of our actions. Our focus at aaram is in raising our collective restfulness to generate "happy" within and outside. 

Millions of children in impoverished countries like India lack access to playgrounds or libraries. Most of them have never owned a toy or a picture book. Educators around the world emphasize on the role of play-based learning as a tool for children to develop social and cognitive skills, emotional maturity, and gain the physical strength and self-confidence required to empower them to think outside  their circumstances.

Our mission at aaram is to support these children in having a childhood, one which includes abundant free play designed to encourage imagination, building, story telling, coloring, physical and mental exercise and more. Aaram is working with the Asha Kiran Charitable Trust, a holistic non-profit organization in supporting their mission to provide food, health services and educational material to benefit the underprivileged in India. Additionally, we work with donors to collect gently used educational toys and books to deliver them to the slums and the streets of Mumbai.