If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin, hair strands or hair roots.

The holy trinity of SONA, KESARA and SHAKTI packs a face cleanser, moisturizer and hair growth oil all in one.


SONA is an Ayurvedic deep skin cleanser packed with essential herbs such as turmeric, rose petals, orange peel, sandalwood and pulses such as gram flour that work together to balance oily skin and tone the skin surface. The unique blend of ingredients used to prepare SONA softens and smooths while effectively cleanses and exfoliates. Use it as an alternative to soap or facewash to reveal soft, smooth, glowing skin.


KESARA is an Ayurvedic miracle beauty fluid, which works as a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, skin brightener, SPF all in one. This powerful potion combines precious and efficacious herbs such as saffron, cardamom, licorice, manjistha, sandalwood and sesame oil that naturally nourish, heal and beautify the skin. One of the most ancient beauty recipes, it is considered Ayurveda’s invaluable gift to skincare. The name KESARA is derived from one its esential ingredients  KESHARA - red-gold Saffron, which is hand picked from the fields of Kashmir and is revered for its ability to transform your skin tone by improving blood circulation and rejuvenating skin cells.


SHAKTI - Formulated with extra virgin coconut oil, amla extract, hibiscus petals and fenugreek seeds, this blend works hard to infuse deeply nurturing moisture and maintains hair's natural strength, elasticity and shine. 

HOLY TRINITY - Skin & Hair Care