Amazing value set to try all three botanic blends. Perfect for gifting. Perfect for you.


SHAKTI OIL for dry, damaged hair

Formulated with extra virgin coconut oil, amla extract, hibiscus petals and fenugreek seeds, this blend works hard to infuse deeply nurturing moisture and maintains hair's natural strength, elasticity and shine. 


JEEVATI  OIL for hair regrowth

The trio of red onion extract, castor oil and eucalyptus oil blended with the all mighty exra virgin coconut oil promotes new hair growth by boosting keratin levels, strengthens hair follicles preventing breakage and restores radiance to dry and weakened hair. 


TEJASVATI for reversing hair graying

Formulated using nature's power duo of curry leaves and nigella seeds, the effectivenss of coconut oil is augmented by allowing haircells to grow and maintain their pigmentation thus reversing hair graying.